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International players most welcome!                    (page being updated)

As was the case last years, we do expect many bridge players from the UK and other countries to participate. Actually we allocate special prizes to "international pairs"*.

* Both players are not French and hold a non-FFB bridge licence.



As regards the UK, to facilite your trip to, and stay in, Saint-Malo, Bridge Club Malouin has reached agreements with travel agencies offering special packages for participants, in cooperation with Brittany Ferries and Condor Ferries. Please refer to:

- for Jersey / Guernsey and other Channel Islands:

* Bontour:

* itravel :

- for "continental" England: Brittany Ferries

Last update: feb 7, 2019


Herebelow: the Saint-Malo led bridge team which participated to the 2017 Jersey Bridge Congress.

Nous trouver, devenir Membre, suivre des cours, s'inscrire à un tournoi?

Bridge Club Saint-Malo
2 rue des Chênes
(quartier Paramé, angle de la rue des Chênes et de la rue des 6 Frères Ruellan)

35400 Saint-Malo.

Bus Lignes n°3, 4, 5 ou 7,

arrêt "Les chênes".

Tél : 02 99 56 83 22 ou contactez-nous ci-dessous:

Le Bridge Club Malouin diffuse chaque mois sa 'newsletter' : Force Chelem. Si vous souhaitez la recevoir, contactez-nous!

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